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Re: [IP]Financial Support of this Group

> >Again, I am really disappointed in every individual who has not donated. It
> >is mooching.  Anty up guys!  Have some pride.  This stuff costs money!
> >Lindsey
> I agree 100% with al Lindsey has said.  This list is invaluable to
> me. being canadian; their is no tax break for a donation to Ip but I
> still intend to make as big a donation as I can to this womderful
> resourse once I get out of finacial & legal problems.
> Suggestions anyone for fundraising?
> What about the pump companies?  they get free promos form the IP
> page. This list gets more people on the pump than otherwise would. 
> It keeps more on teh pump than otherwise would stay on it.

The pump companies all have done their share and I expect 
they probably will do so again this year. There is a maximum limit 
set by the IRS in funding IP can accept from one source on an annual 
basis. Without writing a grant proposal for a specific project, 
etc.... IP can accept the greater of 5% of total revenues or $5000. 
The $5000 far exceeds the 5% number.

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