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Re: [IP] RE: Big Babies

> >Question--If the fact that insulin is a growth hormone is what causes bigger
> >babies, why do Diabetics have this problem?  Don't non-Diabetics produce as
> >much insulin as I artificially take? I don't really get it.  But I want a
> >second opinion.  Ten pounds.  GEEZ.
> Calm down, Sherry.  Some people have big babies, diabetes or no
> diabetes.  Some have smaller ones.  I've had two babies, one on MDI
> and one on the pump.  They were 6# 12oz and 7# 9oz, respectively.

A lot of a baby's size depends on the age of the mother and general 
health. Older women tend to have larger babies than younger ones. 
That's just statistical. With diabetes in the picture, the extra 
glucose in the bloodstream get sent over to the fetus which 
overproduces insulin to use it up -- thus generating more baby :-). 
When there is a LOT of extra glucose, the fetal insulin 
overproduction can be dangerous. If the mother managed to carry the 
child long enought so it could be born then the problem is that the 
baby's system is use to producing a lot of extra insulin and when 
he/she is born there is a LOW comming like a freight train when 
mom's glucose goes away but the pancreas is still producing insulin 
at what it thinks is a normal rate. This is only temporary, things do 
stabalize, but you just wouldn't want to be  out of control and 
pregnant at the same time. For MDI'rs and pumpers in relatively good 
control, this is not a problem. I just related it so you'd have an 
idea of one of the problems that can occur for the knot heads that 
don't take care of themselves.

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