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Re: [IP] Re: Dex and LO

I've been happily using the DEX for the last three years.
I does look "Star Trekkie" as the first time I used it at a Denny's this kid
(who was being a general pain, running around and the yelling, and the parents
just sitting and letting him...) stopped dead by me and looked and said "HEY!
ARE YOU FROM STAR TREK??????"  I guess I should be very lucky. I don't have
half the trouble people here seem to have re; meters and pumps and such.

If you don't want them send 'em to me. If I don't need 'em, I find 'homes' for
them with folks who HAVE no help, or kids, and whatever.

Jenny Sutherland
  << RE; different BGs with the DEX...I have to tell you that my son was given
   DEX at camp these past 2 years and we don't let him use them beyond playing
   with them once the one sample carosel of strips is gone. >>

  Last time I saw my Dex, it was in my grandchildren's toy box. My cleaning
  lady thought it was a toy spaceship. I figured that was a good use for it.

  Jan and Elvis
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