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Re: [IP]Financial Support of this Group

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I think part of the reason why you were is because people don't understand
value you provide diabetics and their families, so they give else where.
This is why it is so important to get the money from the group itself.  I am
really disappointed in this group in one way; that the majority of the
who use and benefit from the group are not supporting it financially.  At
point, you mentioned that if every body just gave a small amount on a
basis, that would do it.   Again, I am really disappointed in every
individual who has not donated. It is mooching.  Anty up guys!  Have some
pride.  This stuff costs money!

There is nothing I would like more than to give to this group.  They have
helped me alot.   My husband was put to part-time 2 months ago.  We have
enough to pay our house payment, groceries,gas for the cars, gas and
electric and if we are lucky, car insurance, water,phone, and co-pays for
medicines and doctors.  He has applied for Social Security Disability.  They
say we won't know anything until May.  He is not guaranteed of getting it.
If it seems like I am mooching I am sorry.  I don't mean to.

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