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Re: [IP] I still don't like pumping

Thanks for all your support. I'm breathing easier knowing it isn't just
me.  Yes, I am extremely hard on myself and wanted Immediate Perfection.

Going on the pump was finally my own idea  The endo had suggested it for
2 yrs, but I wasn't ready.   I finally decided to lose weight in case I
could ever be picked for islet cell research.  I was already having too
many hypoa, so I agreed to try. The hypos have been much, much better.
Now when I have one, it's because I took too much bolus and not the NPH

I'm too stubborn to give up, don't worry!

I think I want to try the sils.  Taping is a nightmare for me (not the

Thanks again,

Type 1 for 49 yrs
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