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[IP] Don't like pumping

I'm sorry you don't like pumping.  But if you had blood sugars hovering
around 100 all day and if you can achieve a very even profite, I am sure you
would feel so much better.  This is just inevitable.  Achieving this does
take time.  You can't afford to be impatient with yourself.  Even then, you
will sometimes go off.  Still, taking shots can't possibly achieve the same
degree of control simply because the pump can deliver in tenths of a unit.
A great deal of precision is gained with the pump.  This system will will
make you feel better as well as helping you to avoid complications.

I wear my pump in my bra.  I don't care whether or not it creates a
protrusion.  It's worth it and if anyone asks me about that, I'm not
ashamed.  This is just a fact and I'm dealing with it in the best possible
way for me.

Counting carbs isn't that difficult once you get the hang of it and it is
certainly a small thing to have to do in exchange for good control and all
the benefits that go with it.

If you are frightened of needles, then thank goodness you only have to
inject once every 3 days instead of 3 times each day.

Try not to be negative as that only makes the problem worse.  Look at all
you can gain from using the pump and how lucky you are to have one.  There
are lots of people out there who would love to have once and can't because
of finances or other problems.  You are one of the lucky ones; use that to
its fullest.

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