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[IP] Re: Living with Diabetes Psychologically

Thank you for your "rant", Natalie (I always enjoy them)! :) You
said MUCH better what I was trying to say in my posts on this a
week or so ago. I obviously did not do a very good job of it and
think (from the responses that followed) it only left people with
the impression that people with that attitude are in denial
and/or that they think diabetes is no big deal and/or they are
minimizing diabetes and its complications and/or they are
invalidating others' feelings towards diabetes, etc, etc,
etc...NONE of which are/were true. 

Some of us just don't express ourselves as well as others (and it
is even harder in this type of format anyway.) So...thank you for
saying this and saying it so well! 

Natalie said:
> different people express themselves differently, but I
> really don't think there is all that much disagreement.
(some snipped)
> Immediate feelings need to be recognized -- there ARE times when it's
> emotionally too much, and that needs to be accepted -- the feeling is
> valid, even if there is no choice as to action. ANY chronic disease is a
> pain in the butt -- and just because there ARE others that are worse
> doesn't make me feel any better.
(some snipped)
> HOWEVER, I think the attitude needs to be that we work on accepting what
> we have to accept and get on with our lives because we can't change it.
> Possibilities of death and disability mustn't be allowed to become
> obsessions -- if something happens, we'll deal with it, but why worry
> when it just might NOT happen!
Take care, Kerri, alulitsuti (mother of many children) & the
little guy due 3/10/01 
"There is a special magic and holiness about the girl and woman.
They are the bringers of life to the people, and the teachers of
the little children." - Sweet Medicine, Cheyenne
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