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[IP] Re: Big Babies

I can tell you from experience (LOTS of experience - LOL!) that
having a large baby isn't necessarily a bad or difficult thing.
My 4 girls were all between 7 1/2-8 1/4lbs but my 3 (so far) boys
have all been between 8 1/2-9 3/4 lbs (this baby I'm carrying now
is also a boy.) Anyway, when I had my 4th child/1st son I was
induced at term because the baby was suspected to be large (est @
8lbs - not exactly large) and the dr didn't think I could handle
anything over that (none of my babies by that point had been over
8lbs and I am a fairly small person.) I felt the baby was MUCH
larger but didn't say anything because 1) I had a lot of faith in
my body and just had a very strong feeling I could do it and 2) I
had heard from others about the hospital's protocol (explained
later) and didn't want major abdominal surgery unless it was
absolutely necessary. Despite being induced (with no pain meds or
epidural - this was a military hosp and they didn't give
epidurals then and I didn't want the other meds), I had a pretty
easy labor - 3 1/2 hrs with less than 10mins pushing. No problems
whatsoever (I remained completely intact, if you know what I
mean...sorry - just trying to be discreet here, and needed no
assistance with forceps, etc) It was just a quick, routine
delivery like my others. Once the baby was born, the nurse said
she didn't think this baby was anywhere near 8lbs but thought he
was closer to 10 lbs. They did their stuff, then weighed him...he
was 9lbs12oz and had a 15" head (just for perspective, the
average baby has a 12-1/2-13" head and weighs 7 1/2-8lbs)!!!
Later, the dr came into the recovery room and told me that was
the fastest labor with the largest baby coming from the smallest
mother (5'2", 115 lbs pre-pregnancy) that he had ever seen, and
if he had known how large the baby really was beforehand I would
have had an automatic c-section per hospital protocol -
absolutely ridiculous as neither of us had any problems because
of his size (this is just one of the many reasons I now have my
babies at home.) 

Btw, I do not have diabetes (my 10yo daughter does) and did not
have gestational diabetes at the time. In my case, the large baby
was apparently genetic. My dad was 9lbs at birth and my husband's
dad was 10 lbs at birth. Dh was 4 1/2lbs at birth (he was term
but his mother smoked) and I was a 6 1/2lb twin (2wks early) so
the size didn't come from us! :) Neither of us are large people
now either (dh is 5'8" and 180 lbs and I am 5'2" and usually
around 130-135 lbs, although as I said, I was smaller - 115 lbs -
at the start of that particular pgcy.) So you just never know! 

I was just reading about gestational diabetes the other day
(because I just had to do my test yesterday) and what Liz said is
correct. It is the high levels of glucose that cross the
placenta...it causes the baby to gain weight but also stimulates
the baby's pancreas to make more insulin - which acts like a
growth hormone (and that is also why after birth the baby often
goes hypo - their pancreas is still producing high levels of
insulin up until birth but the excess glucose has suddenly
stopped crossing over, so their bg drops.) The insulin the mother
takes does not cross the placenta and therefore, doesn't act as a
growth hormone. Since you are on the pump you should be able to
maintain fairly tight control which should help keep the baby's
size down somewhat. Genetics are a different story
though...nothing you can do about that. :) Hope this helps!

Sherry said:
>BITE YOUR TONGUE!!! I am aiming for a seven pounder.  Dear Lord.  TEN
>Question--If the fact that insulin is a growth hormone is what causes bigger
>babies, why do Diabetics have this problem?  Don't non-Diabetics produce as
>much insulin as I artificially take? I don't really get it.  But I want a
>second opinion.  Ten pounds.  GEEZ.

Liz said:
Calm down, Sherry.  Some people have big babies, diabetes or no 
diabetes.  Some have smaller ones.  I've had two babies, one on
MDI and one 
on the pump.  They were 6# 12oz and 7# 9oz, respectively.

Much of the baby's size depends on heredity.  My mom had small
too.  And it's not insulin you inject that can make the baby big,
it's high 
blood sugars.  So try to keep your sugars in the normal range as
much as 
possible.  I'm pretty sure that the baby produces and uses its
insulin.  Is that right, Spot?

Take care, Kerri, alulitsuti (mother of many children) & the
little guy due 3/10/01 
"There is a special magic and holiness about the girl and woman.
They are the bringers of life to the people, and the teachers of
the little children." - Sweet Medicine, Cheyenne
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