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Re: [IP] RE: Big Babies

Liz Davis wrote:

<<Much of the baby's size depends on heredity.  My mom had small babies,
too.  And it's not insulin you inject that can make the baby big, it's high
blood sugars.  So try to keep your sugars in the normal range as much as
possible.  I'm pretty sure that the baby produces and uses its own
insulin.  Is that right, Spot?>>

I have only had one baby, 22 years ago.  She weighed 8# 4oz and was 3 weeks
early.  I was also an 8# baby.  I was on MDI way back then and tried as best
I could to keep bgs in good control (dr was always happy), we didn't have
glucose meters back then either.  And, in the last month or so of my
pregnancy I suffered many lows, my ob/gyn said it was because the baby was
producing insulin and it was crossing the placenta to me...

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