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Re: [IP]Financial Support of this Group

I am so sorry you were so brutally rejected in your fundraising efforts.  I 
think part of the reason why you were is because people don't understand the 
value you provide diabetics and their families, so they give else where.  
This is why it is so important to get the money from the group itself.  I am 
really disappointed in this group in one way; that the majority of the people 
who use and benefit from the group are not supporting it financially.  At one 
point, you mentioned that if every body just gave a small amount on a regular 
basis, that would do it.  Could you please tell us what that figure is again? 
 Maybe it will help to tell people that if you give this amount, at these 
intervals, then you will be carrying your weight and the exchange will be 
fair.  The more time you spend fundraising with people who haven't a clue 
what you are talking about, is less time you have to continue maintaining and 
improving the system.  I am sure you have thought about this plenty, but is 
there a possibility of a sign up fee and dues?

Again, I am really disappointed in every individual who has not donated. It 
is mooching.  Anty up guys!  Have some pride.  This stuff costs money!  
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