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[IP] Redness

SNIP>>>>I use IV prep, silhouettes and H insulin.  On the second day I dev a

reddening of the skin just around the edge of the silhouette just in front
where the canula is inserted.  If it were the adhesive or the tape, I would 
think the reddening would be all around the silhouette.  It does not hurt, 
itch nor is the skin broken.  Any ideas?  What are Bards?      

Hi Kathie, 
I have been using Sils for several years and always get a slightly red area
just in front of the set above where the canula is inserted.  I change my
site/set every 3 -4 days.  Never have had any problems at all, or soreness
or infections or anything.  I just accept it as part of the process.   As
long as you are not having any problems and your bgs are OK, I'd say go with
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