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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #750


  I totally understand EXACTLY how you are feeling right now.  One year ago I 
was sure I would never be able to tackle an electronic gizmo let alone do the 
sticking of the sites.  Well, the electronic gizmo was actually the easiest 
part of pumping.  We are on a Dis H-Tron and they sent a great HOW-TO video 
with the pump and supplies.  Our son, 8 at the time, watched the video first 
in his room and understood all of the components of the pump afterwards.  I 
watched it next and had all the basal rates set BEFORE our RN/TRAINER came to 
set us up.  But then she just stood there and told me to 'do-it' when it came 
time to do the site on Josh.  Talk about shaky hands.  And it hurts too, 
because the needles that introduce the canula are a lot bigger than syringe 

  I am only now just getting to the point where I'm starting to feel like I 
know what I'm doing on a regular basis and that is after a year...sort-of...! 
 It is almost like learning all about MDI all over again, and everything is 
new.  But you got to the point where you cold do that, right?  Well, this is 
NOT quite as hard but it is an adjustment.  But wait until your daughter 
sleeps in that first time, or skips breakfast or eats a special treat without 
having to worry about anything, except pushing a button...then you will know 
that it is ALL worth it.

  Moira, write to me personally for support or advice.  We parents who have 
been there can really be a good source of support to other parents!

mom to Joshua
email @ redacted
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