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Re: [IP] Re: Dex and LO


  RE; different BGs with the DEX...I have to tell you that my son was given a 
DEX at camp these past 2 years and we don't let him use them beyond playing 
with them once the one sample carosel of strips is gone.  The reason is this: 
 The first year all of the kids at camp were given the DEX and then the reps 
went around and did solution samples on all of their new meters to test them. 
 Out of the same bottle of solution there was such a variation of numbers 
that it was ridiculous, and we aren't talking just a few points..but more 
than 100 points in difference with many of them.  This last year when Josh 
got home with his second DEX meter FREEBIE..Josh poked his finger and from 
that same finger did 5 or 6 tests with again such a variance on numbers that 
it once again proved to us that this meter can not be trusted.  My friend, 
Kerri, whose dtr went to the same camp did the same type of testing with her 
freebie DEX and got the same results.  VERY frightening!  The only good thing 
about that meter is the convenience of the 10 strips attached to it at once.  
In my opinion the meter is not accurate and could prove very dangerous if 
someone was actually using it for their BG control!

I hope this doesn't start a war on the list about meters.  That is NOT my 
intention.  It is just that with these two different DEX meters (plus my 
friend's) having such drastically different readings with the same sample 
tells me that it can NOT be trusted!

mom to Joshua
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