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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #750

On 2 Jan 2001, at 19:53, Moira C. McCarthy wrote:

> Obsessing is my lifestyle! 

Yeah, me too.  And when I go with it, things work out better than 
when I try to stop it.

> But our next appointment is to go on the pump and
> no one has shown me how to do it. 

They sent my pump to me before my appt with my trainer, so I 
watched the video several times.  Practiced on the arm of my 
comfy chair (this poor ol' comfy chair really takes a beating!).

Did yours arrive yet?  Maybe you can get them to send you a video 
so you can watch it ahead of time.  The trainer told me people 
frequently choose not to and she finds that frustrating.

> I guess it seems silly to someone who does
> it,

oh heck no!  I've been doing this for only 2 months now so you can 
hardly call me an old-timer!

> but for someone who never has, and thinking I'm going to be 
home alone
> with her, it IS a worry. In fact,. perhaps one of my biggest. Sorry to be so
> crazed. I just want to do this right. She IS my little girl after all :-)
> Plus I am going to have to go from that day to show the school nurse how to
> do it, having never done it myself . . . . . maybe when I do it I'll go "oh,
> how silly! This is simple!" But I see all these people here having problems
> with sites . . .

I find the hardest part is handling the tape!  The school nurse will 
probably find that part easy.  Remember, she's already had nursing 
training, so she's not having to learn it from the ground up.  She's 
adding a little bit onto what she already knows.  She'll be an easy 
student.  Probably the hard part for her will be programming it if it 
loses it's settings (if she's not gadget-oriented)

AND... sometimes, teaching someone else right after you've 
learned it can be a good way to reinforce it for yourself.  And I'll bet 
the school nurse will be able to help you through it too.  Just take 
along the manual so you can remind yourself what your trainer 
taught you.
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