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Re: [IP] Dis Service & Cartridge-changes: Lillian

 since I travel alot, the prefilled cartridge would be a real plus for
> me. It would truly make me feel independent as I did when on MDIs. that
> when it is time to fill a cartridge, one must have a clean space,

Good Morning!

Sorry to hear that you are having difficulty with the Dis company...I too am
on the H-TRONplus, but have not experienced those kind of problems at all.
Granted, I do not do any of my dealings directly with them - any
changes/choices pump-wise are between me & my endo, & I buy my supplies
through a distributor here in Ohio...I just call, two days later it's all
here, & the supplier handles all of the insurance stuff - they just send me
a (thankfully very small) bill when it's all over.

Anyway, the actual purpose of my posting:  On the cartridge-filling
inconvenience - have you thought about filling several at once?  Some people
on the list have found that this makes life much easier - you set aside time
every so often (for us it's about once every two months) to fill a bunch,
stick them in the fridge in a little Tupperware container or something, &
whenever you need to change over, just pull out a "homemade prefilled
cartridge" & let it warm up.  My husband & I prefill about 8 at a time...I'd
never make it if I had to stop & fill one up individually every time a new
one was needed!  Just a thought...

Sammi (& Sylvie, pumping happily together for 16 months & counting!)
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