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[IP] The Trigger-Finger Chronicles

I'm back...at least, while life is somewhat slow here!  Thought I'd offer an
update as to how it's gone with the whole Trigger-Finger
(err...Trigger-Thumb, in my case) situation I've asked for advice about over
the past few months - & also send out a hearty "Thank You" to all the folks
who detailed their experience with it!

In November I saw a sports medicine surgeon referred by my new endo (who is
WONDERFUL!!) who first gave me a cortizone shot & offered up a few options
for future occurrances of it.  Since the shot did ease up the TF completely,
but came with several days of WAY high blood sugars & the potential for
future recurrances, I opted to schedule the needed surgery over our winter
break from school.  Surgery was fast & fairly painless (actual procedure was
fine...area of incision just a trifly sore for a few days following), &
today I go in to have the stitches (all two of them) removed.  Based on my
experience with this, I think that the surgery is a better route to go when
facing this - it provides a longer term fix, with less immediate misery to
deal with.  (My meter was SO not happy with the post-shot days of 500+

Anyway, I'm hoping to spend today catching up with a MOUNTAIN of IP
mail...so if I respond to something that's already been answered, please be
forgiving!  <g>

Sammi, whose thumb is typing just fine now!
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