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Re: [IP] Donating blood

> Talk about dumb questions, I didn't think diabetics were allowed to donate
> blood.  Has there been a change in the rules over the past 20-30 years?

Maybe I'm reading this wrong, & I know it's not probably not my place to
correct or criticize (admins, slap my hand as needed), but the first line of
this posting really hit me the wrong way - is this referencing someone
else's question to the list as "dumb"?  If so (& I'm hoping not), it can be
a real disservice to the IP community in general to respond to a question
that way.  Some feel that their questions may be "silly" or "dumb"...but you
know what?  It's got to be safe to ask them here, & not fear criticism.  One
of the (many) valuable aspects of this list is the fact that pumpers who are
uncertain about any pumping detail CAN bring their question or concern here,
in good faith, assured of as good an answer as this group can provide.
Please allow that to happen...those questions we DON'T ask are the ones that
have a way of garnering negative (& even potentially dangerous) results.

Enough ranting...hand here extended for slaps as deemed appropriate - please
aim for the hand WITHOUT the stitches!  <g>

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