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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #750

RE:  fear...Hi my name is Rose and I have a daughter who is 4 years old
and has been on the pump for the last 6 months/since age 3 1/2...before
she went on the pump I was also very frightened...just as you are...Kari
is on a disetronic pump and uses the rapid set...I have never had any
real problems with her sets so far...what you are reading on this site
are people on the larger sets insertions they are harder to insert-go
deeper into the skin-have to be inserted at a certain angle-quite a
skill to develop...but if you notice-everyone who has been using a pump
for a longer period of time does eventually get the hang of
it...:-)...as I'm sure you will...the little rapid set that my daughter
Kari uses is great for the little ones who do not need a lot of insulin
for a meal since the needle is placed very shallowly into the skin...all
I have to do is stick her hard and fast..not unlike a regular insulin
injection (that you no doubt have already mastered)...it looks very much
like a thumb tack...all you have to do is pop it straight in...I've worn
it myself for about 1 week...and pumped in saline...in order to feel and
empathize with what my 3 year old was about to go through...at her
doctors request...ask your Dr. if a rapid or a similar hard small set
might work for your child...

Don't worry be happy...
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