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[IP] I still don't like pumping


I don't think most of those problems ever fully go away, but
its a trade off of the good things about pumping.  Like
being able to sleep in, less frequent highs and lows, less
dietary restrictions, less shots, more life-style
flexibility, etc.  While my bg's have improved some and my
A1c has dropped from 6.7 to 5.4, its really the quality of
my life that has improved dramatically due to pump therapy.
Today, for example, I got caught up in a very interesting
work project, and forgot to eat.  BG's are running at a
smooth 100.

I find that the Sil's can be pretty painful to insert.
That's the only thing that really still bugs me.  Sometimes
the needle just pokes me and I just can't bring myself to
insert it.  OraGel or Ambusol (sp?) helps - next trip to the
Endo I'll ask about the Elma cream.

Pump Daddy
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