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[IP] Pump Problems

Melvin & List.

This is an interesting thread - I've been in the 300-400
range too the past couple weeks.   I was also bolusing 2-3
times normal with little or no effect.

 I thought it was the sinus
infection I brought back from San Francisco, but I have now
decided that its defective tummy sites or the wrong angle of
the Sil
insertion are the likely culprits.

I narrowed the options by adding using injections of Humalog
for a couple of days. That seemed to bring my bg's down just
fine.  Having ruled out the sinus infection and the insulin,
that left the site and the infusion set.  I changed sites
three times last week, but kept all of them in the tummy
area.  Problem continued.  Then I changed to put the site to
about four inches below my arm pit slightly on the back
(just enough fat to use the site, although hard to reach).
BG's have been back to perfect!

I've ordered some soft sets and will try them on the tummy
and see if that makes a difference. I may be putting the
Sil's in too shallow or too deep.

I don't recall who posted the message many months ago -
think it may have been George Lovelace - There is always a
reason for the highs and lows - just might be hard to find

Pump Daddy & MiniMe
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