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RE: [IP] I still don't like pumping

>So.... does it hurt it insert a sil?

I have done my 12th insertion of a sil (tender) since starting pumping a
month ago.  The first insertions were very painful and sore.  I had never
even seen a set before this let alone practicing.  However my problems were
all due to shaky hands, forgetting to take out teh insertion needle prior
to fixing the rear adhesive etc.

Last number of insertions have been 100% painless and so far so good in all
other respects (much due to the Ip list and some wonderful internet

In short:  be prespared for a few sloppy insertions and some pain but that
will get better with practice!  We all have to start someplace ya kNow!

Darrin Parker
Nova Scotia, Canada!
Pumping for 4 weeks + thanks to the support of wonderful internet friends!
In 5 days on the pump I obtained better control than I had done in 27 years
of MDI!
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