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[IP] Problems with pump company

>   I do not like working
>   with the  disetronic company. I found that they manipulate the
>   customer more than accommodate. I am referring to a specific
>   incident.

I think in general that you will find ALL the pump companies will 
bend over backwards to help you. There is a general problem with 
sales people that they will tell you what you want to hear if they 
think they can get aways with it. Not all of them, but certainly some 
of them. This creates a problem for the pump companies and even the 
perception among them that the other is always up to dirty tricks. 
This is all very unfortunate as I truely believe that the management 
of ALL these companies does not support this approach and is there to 
give the best possible service to their customers and prospective 

When in doubt, go directly to the mfgr, not the rep. Talk to a 
supervisor if necessary -- you will get satisfaction I assure you -- 
which ever company it is.

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