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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #750

Sorry that you didn't find the Disetronic Company helpful.  Have you written
to Patric DeHaas and the Area manager instead of trashing them on the list

I was without good insurance and bought mine out of pocket secondhand. I
provided the letters and all to Disetronic and they bent over backwards to
help me, giving warrenty and all to the used one I had. They worked with my
ins. to get my upgrade, and I got it without a peep from the hardest ins.
company-medicaid--that one could have to deal with.

I fill my cartridges ahead of time and have a few weeks of filled carts on
hand.  I can understand your disappointment, but get onto the company and
address this repeatedly with them.  Does MiniMed have prefilled

Have you gone to the monday night Disetronic chat? Just curious because any
gripes I've aired there have received attention.

Jenny Sutherland
  I do not like working
  with the  disetronic company. I found that they manipulate the customer
  more than accommodate. I am referring to a specific incident. I was told by
  an area rep that there are prefilled cartridges for the new d-tron pump
  that was ready for use after march. they gave customers who bought the pump
  in march the 'power of choice'. that is, one could go on the h-tron and
  then change to the dtron. I purchased my h-tron as of jan. 1. I was
  therefore not with the group that was established 59 days later. I was then
  told by another rep that there now exist prefilled cartridges for the
  h-tron but they are being distributed only in an area other than the one
  where I live (northeast). then I was told by a rep that this problem was
  being brought to the attention of the board and he was sure I would be able
  to get cartridges or change for the new dtron. I never heard from the
  company again although I called a service dept. and faxed them my insurance
  info. since I travel alot, the prefilled cartridge would be a real plus for
  me. It would truly make me feel independent as I did when on MDIs. that is,
  when it is time to fill a cartridge, one must have a clean space, etc.easy.
  So, altho' the pump has some pluses for me, working with the disetronic
  company DOES NOT!
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