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Re: [IP] Silly question #665

Yes, by all means call the educator and get a session on just inserting the 
silhouettes.  My kid at 12 put his first site in himself in front of the 
nurse and educator and has been doing all of them himself since.  Neither of 
the other 2 kids that started the same time did.  Parents did them.  So every 
kid is different and the silhouette, even though it works the best for so 
many of the kids, can be alittle intimidating when you first see it.  

I really feel the answer is if your kid thinks she can do it, let her, with 
parental supervision.  Then feel very proud that she is so very brave.  If 
she ends up needing the help, I would still be very proud that she has the 
fighting sprit and is so willing to learn.

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