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Re: [IP] Re: still don't like pumping

One of the things to remember is that the pump is merely a TOOL to deliver
insulin.  It isn't the cure, an artificial pancreas and all that.
You have to test often and adjust your basal rates and make sure you're
bolusing enough. After a little over a month of the initialization, no one has
this down perfectly-I don't care what they say, they don't-- Comparing
yourself to others is a recepie for disappointment.

Maybe I'm lucky I don't see well, and the needles never bugged me. I saw a
friend on Dialysis and the fustula she had in her arm looked a LOT more
painful than any infusion set I've seen!  Play NIKE and "Just Do It". If I
psych myself out re; the needles and such, I'd have failed a long time ago.

The thing is... I REALLY wanted the pump. I studied for many years and
understood what I was getting into and fought like a Blankity-blank to get it.
Did you really WANT this, or was it 'forced' upon you?  This can make all the
difference in the world.

I personally think, with what I've read from you, that you will succeed. You
will learn to trust yourself and adjust your dosages without pause after a
little while longer.  Your active participation is key to success on the

Good luck and keep up with it! You won't be sorry!

Jenny Sutherland
  > But this is the worst:  I hate changing sites.  Each time Something goes
  > wrong and then I am upset for most of the day til I know the new site is
  > working.
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