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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #750

RE:  still don't like pumping. I have type 1 for 41 years and have the 
disetronic pump for one year. My A1Cs were actually better when on MDIs.  I 
chose the pump because I had real problems with low blood sugars and not 
being able to detect them. Long-lasting insulin causes more sudden drops in 
blood sugars and this, more than the numbers, put me in dangerous positions 
especially when driving. However, now I have the confidence that I will not 
pass out.  Even if my blood sugar is 40 or 50,---because it does not drop 
suddenly, I know I am safe. Actually, the pump has made dressing the big 
problem.  I am slender and so cannot comfortably tuck it into a bra. One 
time, when I wore a thigh holder, it fell down because it could not be made 
tight enough. I buy everything now with pockets. I certainly don't like the 
idea that tight pants or skirts without pockets can not easily accommodate 
the pump. I am thinking of trying the new glargine insulin which lasts 24 
hours and does not precipitate lows. In addition, I do not like working 
with the  disetronic company. I found that they manipulate the customer 
more than accommodate. I am referring to a specific incident. I was told by 
an area rep that there are prefilled cartridges for the new d-tron pump 
that was ready for use after march. they gave customers who bought the pump 
in march the 'power of choice'. that is, one could go on the h-tron and 
then change to the dtron. I purchased my h-tron as of jan. 1. I was 
therefore not with the group that was established 59 days later. I was then 
told by another rep that there now exist prefilled cartridges for the 
h-tron but they are being distributed only in an area other than the one 
where I live (northeast). then I was told by a rep that this problem was 
being brought to the attention of the board and he was sure I would be able 
to get cartridges or change for the new dtron. I never heard from the 
company again although I called a service dept. and faxed them my insurance 
info. since I travel alot, the prefilled cartridge would be a real plus for 
me. It would truly make me feel independent as I did when on MDIs. that is, 
when it is time to fill a cartridge, one must have a clean space, etc.easy. 
So, altho' the pump has some pluses for me, working with the disetronic 
company DOES NOT!
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