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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #750

>snip<Hi Moira, You are obsessing about this pump thing.The educator will
explain everything to you and your husband and daughter. She will show all
you exactly how to do it. >snip<

Obsessing is my lifestyle! But our next appointment is to go on the pump and
no one has shown me how to do it. I guess it seems silly to someone who does
it, but for someone who never has, and thinking I'm going to be home alone
with her, it IS a worry. In fact,. perhaps one of my biggest. Sorry to be so
crazed. I just want to do this right. She IS my little girl after all :-)
Plus I am going to have to go from that day to show the school nurse how to
do it, having never done it myself . . . . . maybe when I do it I'll go "oh,
how silly! This is simple!" But I see all these people here having problems
with sites . . .
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