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[IP] Re: Dex and LO

Jan stated in answer to my question:
"Bayer gave me a Dex as a gift when I had my BASH, which I hadn't opened
yet. I
just gave it to my hugsband to check the manual for ranges - 10-600. WOW,
Lori, you were LO!!!"
hehe this is kind of funny Jan, I just got  off the phone with the dumbest
person I have ever spoken to at Bayer regarding my error messages on my DEX.
She told me LO meant I didn't put enough blood on the strip, or I touched it
with my finger!!!!!  I was so mad at this not good English speaking person I
finally told her I wanted reimbursed for all the strips and testing solution
she made me waste.  She had no idea what was wrong with my Dex, so she had
me run 4 test solutions on it, and one blood test.  I did a blood test while
she was wasting my time, it was 109.  Well, GAWD FORBID I didn't tell HER I
did it!!!  :))  She was mad, literally mad, that I did it without telling
her.  She made me do it again!  It was 82 and I told her I was under a lot
of stress from her making me waste my strips.  So she is sending me some and
some new solution!
I was so mad at her, she ticked me off to no end!!!
But her LO and yours in your book vary quite a bit!  My book says nothing
about the # LO represents, but I know my bg was LOW!
Thanks Jan, I needed to vent a bit, sorry!

Lori A. Willey
First Express Inc.
email @ redacted
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