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[IP] regular unsulin substitution for pump

I am writing this message for my sister - her MiniMed 507 went completely out 
today and she won't receive her new one until Wed.

For those of you who have had to go back to shots for a while, did you use 
Regular (that's what she uses in the pump) for all your shots or did you use 
NPH overnight?  I was worried that if she uses NPH it will throw her amounts 
of Regular insulin off since it stays in the system so long.  Also, how often 
did you give injections and what type of formula did you use (ex: shots every 
4 hrs. 4 X usual basal rate?)

Looks like she's in for a long night so any information will definitely help.

Thank You, Linda
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basel insulin/ hr= amt per hour x hours to substitute  divide by 6 = units
per six hours give every 4 hours. check sugars frequently stay away from
long acting insulins spot
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