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Re: [IP] I still don't like pumping

Hi Judy,

It takes awhile to get into the groove, like any other new thing you try (I 
just started taking kickbox classes and look like an uncoordinated fool) but 
once you get used to it, it's so much easier !  I think we all struggle with 
bg control and that's what's so great about this forum - that we can get info 
and support. 

As for how to coordinate your new accessory with your outfits, the best thing 
I did was get size zero baby socks along and some safety pins.  Now I pin it 
everywhere !  Incredibly enough there are several different ways to pin it in 
a bra.  On the side under your arm, in the front under a side strap, and in 
the front [between/under] which works especially well for activities like 
fitness classes, gardening and swimming.  Also, I get relaxed fit jeans and 
pin it inside the waistband so it looks as though it's actually in your front 
pocket.  Same theory for sweatpants and PJs to keep it from getting away from 
me.  Like Sherry, when I sleep it just ends up anywhere, although in the 
beginning putting it under my pillow helped keep track of it.

And, I switched to sofsets too and it made a huge difference.   Also, 
sometimes I put a tiny dot of vaseline where I'm going to insert the set; it 
may be just psychological but for some reason it seems to help.  Just not too 
much or nothing will stick !  I still have to get psyched up to change the 
set though and it really can be a mental thing; I picture it going in 
properly prior to actually doing it and this meditation seems to help.

I would stick with it awhile and keep posting questions  :-)

Cheryl K
pumping 5 years

<< Subj:     [IP] I still don't like pumping
 Date:  1/2/01 12:10:39 PM Pacific Standard Time
 From:  email @ redacted (Judy)
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 Am I the only one?  Everyone writes about how great pumping is, you all
 have super numbers, feel great, etc.  My numbers are no better than they
 were on  shots,  and I don't feel any different.
 I cannot get used to wearing the pump.   I put it in my bra and if falls
 out each time I bend over.  If I stick it in my pockets, I pull the
 tubing when I go to the bathroom.  I cannot find a comfortable way to
 sleep with it.  The thigh belt won't stay up, and it falls out of shirt
 But this is the worst:  I hate changing sites.  Each time Something goes
 wrong and then I am upset for most of the day til I know the new site is
 What is so great about this thing???  I have been on it for a month and
 ready to give up.
 Type 1 for 48 years >>
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