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No Subject

Hello all knowing Pumpers,

Here is my stupid question for the day: Lauren's pump is on the way!!! First
of all, when I read posting when people would say getting their new pump is
like Christmas, I thought, hmmmm . . . now I UNDERSTAND!! I feel like it's
going to be Christmas AGAIN!!!!! So now I know how you feel . . . . anyway,
I have a really realy stupid question that I'm too embarrassed to admit to
the world I don't know: how do I get the silhouettes( Sp) and stuff like
that I need? Through my regular pharmacist? Through minimed? Do they just
come with the pump? How many do I get at a time? Thanks!!!

Mom of Lauren, 9, soon to be a Kid Pumper
they generally give you enough stuff for several months. generally ypu cant
buy stuff in a drug store you need to buy it from mail order or an
insurance designated suppliers. you should meet pumpers with Lauren's pump
in the area just in case. Spot 
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