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Re: [IP] I still don't like pumping

Sue D.,

  My  son is 9 y.o. and started pumping last dec. with the Dis H-Tron and 
Tenders (same as sils)  It was very painful to do the insertion and we ended 
up trying EMLA ointment which is a topical numbing cream.  There was still 
discomfort even after waiting over half hour.  Plus it was always difficult 
to know whether the angle was right or not.  No training done at the start!  
We changed to MM's sof-sets micros with serter and have started getting the 
best BGs since pumping.  Plus you know it is always in correctly because of 
the serter.  Last week we had a similar situation where a new site hurt 
terribly even after a day.  It was on his hiney and I think I may of had it 
too close to the hip joint.  We changed and used his tummy again and 
everything has been fine.  We actually have great numbers using his hiney.  
Now he prefers to use it instead of his tummy.  Josh is very skinny so 
finding sites is a problem.

  Try all the different types of sets available.  Keep in mind that you can 
interchange sets with pumps.  They all fit each other, which is really nice.  
I know that Dis and MM will always send out free samples for people to try.  
They also sent me the serter for FREE when I asked about their SS sets.  
Especially when dealing with a child.

  Good Luck, and feel free to write me personally to compare notes...

mom to Joshua
email @ redacted
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