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RE: [IP] I still don't like pumping

Sherry wrote:

<<Just remember that the directions say 30-45 degree angle, but
that may not be right for you.  I am not thin, but I need to put them in at
about a 15 degree angle.  So keep in mind if it is uncomfortable, there are
some adjustments you can make.  >>

This is very true, I've talked to new Sil/Tender users who complained that
they hurt and I asked how deep they were putting them.  When they tried a
shallower angle, it was much better.  Depending on where on my body I'm
inserting I may go shallower or deeper.  That comes with practice (I've been
pumping for 7 1/2 months).  I also don't use any ice or numbing creams...
and I still have to hold my breath when I insert the set (guess I'm still a
bit of a woos after all... :o) ).

And it takes time for you to adjust to pumping and your body to get used to
a new insulin delivery system, I think.  I use my clip case (disetronic
pump) most of the time, and don't have any problems wearing the pump.  And,
I'm so happy to be pumping, I don't mind if the whole world sees it!

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