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[IP] greedy drug companies

Being a health care worker I guess you might think that I would be
prejudiced in favor of pharmaceutical companies. Well I AM prejudiced in
their favor, but not because I am a health care worker. I love them,
mainly, because they make insulin for me and save me the extensive
trouble of making it for myself. The factory I inherited (that used to
make insulin) burned to the ground. Considering how much work and time
and energy it would take to rebuild it I am glad that I can just go to
the pharmacy and purchase insulin. I pay quite a bit more money for
vitamin pills and toothpaste than I must pay for insulin. The branch of
medical work I am in has to do with heart disease. Now THERE is where
some money is being made in this country. There is DEFINITELY a cure for
heart disease, it is almost free, but no one wants to use it. Go figure.
There is a penchant for human beings to want other people to do things
FOR them rather than doing it for themselves. I know that none of US fit
into this group, but the rest of the country--no the rest of the
WORLD--is supplying the insurance companies with more money than the
government AND Bill Gates is likely to ever come up with. The insurance
companies are only giving a PORTION of that money to the "drug
companies". I am indeed happy that the pharmaceutical industry is being
watched very carefully and kept on a very short leash, but I am also
very glad that they do what they do.

Nick Trubov CCP (cardiovascular perfusionist)
Fort Smith, Arkansas
email @ redacted
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