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[IP] re: still not liking pumping--Judy

 A month isn't long enough. Have you had fewer
terrible lows? Are you eating more sweets then you
used to or not going so high on the odd occasion that
you do? 
 It took me 5 months before I found a set which
halfway worked, then a year before I saw any change in
a1cs...last one was 5.9, lowest ever, even though I am
in adolescence with *raging* hormones. You can ask
anyone on this list, boy did I ahve a rough time
starting, and then I had 3 pumps break which almost
put me back on shots because I was getting so
frustrated. I got on top of it all and switched pumps
and after 18 months pumping, do not have a single
mechanical pump problem. Granted, i've come to accept
that sets only last 2 days for me, and it took time,
but for me that's just life now. Also, maybe I notice
this a lot more drastically then you might, but boy do
I have freedom back! Diabetes doesn't limit me at all,
if I am out all night with friends, my parents don't
worry anymore (well they do but not about diabetes)...
 Don't give up yet. I was so ready to numerous times,
and even right now I can't figure out what's going on
with my body (but I know it's not diabetes but have
several other thigns unfortunately to choose from) but
think of right now the pump as a different delivery
method.  You WILL see the benefits, but trust me, in
some people they take time. I know my next a1c won't
be under 6 again, but even still I like my pump.
 Feel free to vent, it helps to have people who will
 Take care,

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