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[IP] They ARE out to get you, Greg

>>	the drug industry has a 25% profit margin, the highest of any industry. Does anyone wonder why... I wonder why I think they'd be crazy to find a cure for cancer or diabetes or Aids....Somebody challenge me	<<


I would be glad to challenge you. You might be right, of course, but the
information I have would tend to indicate that you are barking up a tree
without a 'coon in it.

The drug companies are making their huge profits on Prozac and Rogaine
and penis enlargement preparations. 

I, on the other hand, am sharing in their profits (at least I HOPE my
mutual funds are well stocked with pharmaceutical stocks) and going bald
quite complacently. The two or three hundred bucks that I spend on
insulin and aspirin is most definitely NOT why the drug companies pay so
many employees so much money.
Nick Trubov
email @ redacted
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