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Re: [IP] re: I'm baaack

> Hi Sherry, 
>     I felt my first baby (it felt like gas bubbles) at exactly 20
>     weeks & the 
> 2nd at 18 weeks. As for the stretch marks, elasticity of the skin is
> hereditary. I got a couple of stretch marks w/the first, but no new
> ones with 

I'd have to disagree with that even though I'm a guy. The first four 
babies left nary a mark on my wife's tummy. The twins did her in, but 
only on one side, the other is fine. The side that has the marks is 
the one she layed on predominately while on bed reset (5 months, 
yuck). There are some creme's etc... that can be put on during the 
pregnancy that will help with the skins elasticity and will minimize 
the stretching.

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