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RE: [IP] I still don't like pumping

My A1C has not budged since I went on the pump.  It is hovering at 7.6.  I
don't feel any different, but I do have more flexibility.  I can eat when I
want, instead of the NPH and my blood sugar telling me too.  My numbers
could be better, but my busy life seems to keep getting in the way. :)

As for pump placement...I just clip mine on my pants and forget about it.  I
do the same with skirts.  When I wear a dress I do put the pump in my bra.
I either use an underwire or a sports bra.  It fits nicely between my
breasts (36C).  The underwire I really love is a cotton one from Victoria's
Secret.  It has a thick piece in the middle that holds the pump snuggly.
The sports bras are really nice to hold them in (I wear it here when I play
tennis also).  When I sleep I wear pj bottoms and clip it to them, or just
toss it on the bed and let it free roam.  It took a while to figure out what
was comfortable for me, but you will figure it out.  

As for site changes...you will get better with them over time.  You have
only been on the pump a month and the adjustment period for me is still
ongoing. :)  I HATED putting in sets because it hurt and I kept crimping
them.  I also had bruises and sores from it.  When I switched from the
Softsets to Sils that all went away.  Maybe you just need to try a different

I went on the pump a year ago and it took 3 months to get used to it, and I
am still trying to figure many things out.  My guess is you still need some
time to tweak everything, I know I still do. :)

Best of luck,
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