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[IP] I still don't like pumping

Am I the only one?  Everyone writes about how great pumping is, you all
have super numbers, feel great, etc.  My numbers are no better than they
were on  shots,  and I don't feel any different.

I cannot get used to wearing the pump.   I put it in my bra and if falls
out each time I bend over.  If I stick it in my pockets, I pull the
tubing when I go to the bathroom.  I cannot find a comfortable way to
sleep with it.  The thigh belt won't stay up, and it falls out of shirt

But this is the worst:  I hate changing sites.  Each time Something goes
wrong and then I am upset for most of the day til I know the new site is

What is so great about this thing???  I have been on it for a month and
ready to give up.

Type 1 for 48 years
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