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[IP] pump problems

I had similar problem several weeks ago, though not quite so high.  Kept
raising my basals, kept changing sites.  After meals bgs were terrible. (I
also have some gastroparesis, but that wasn't the problem.)  Finally, I took a
real good look at the silouhette canula when I took it out. And there was a
slight crimp at the end!!   I took apart a brand new (unused) one from the
same lot# and it was also crimped, very narrow at the end especially if I
turned it in one particular direction.  I tried a different lot# and things
cleared up after a short while. I called MM and they replaced the three boxes
I still had with that lot #.  I checked with a friend of mine who's pumping
and also uses the sils.  She had had a problem with that lot # too!!
Everything is back to normal now. (whatever that means) But it ticked me off
that it took almost two boxes of sils for me to figure it out. I don't have
the lot number right now but will post again if my above mentioned friend has
the number.  Even though I found the above experience very frustrating,  I
wouldn't go back to MDI  for anything.  My control (when sites are working
right) is much better and more predictable. So, Melvin, when you do a site
change, look REALLY closely at the canula and rotate it to check in all
directions.  Good luck
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