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Re: [IP] Donating Blood

On 1 Jan 2001, at 22:10, email @ redacted wrote:

> Boy is this issue really ticking me off!
> Our systems 'compromised...'
> I'm probably healthier than most of my friends and relatives...yet they can
> walk in off the street and donate, yet I can not.

I have a friend in Connecticut with leukemia who has yet to find a 
bone marrow match (nationwide database)

I can't donate.  So I asked the National Marrow Donation 
Assocation (nmdp.org) why.  The answer I got was they're 
concerned about the risk of anesthesia to the *donor*, referencing 
a set of criteria developed by an anesthesiology assocation to 
predict anesthesia risk factors (if anyone wants a copy of the reply, 
I'll forward it to individuals since it's sort of off topic?)

S/he also said that there has been some evidence (but didn't have 
the reference handy) about transmission of diabetes through 
donations and they didn't want to jeopardize the entire program.

It makes me really sad though, cuz I can't even *find out* if I match 
her tissue.

I think she'd rather have type 1 diabetes than..... death.

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