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[IP] too thin or too rich.

My husband is a pumper since May. He's a type 1 diagnosed 38 years ago.
Since he got on the pump, he's had daily hypoglycemic reactions, he's
constantly obsessed w. numbers, food, carb counting etc. and has lost 10 lbs
which he can ill afford to lose. Sure his A1C is 5.7 but at what a price!!
His endo tells him he needs to eat more and bolus to cover it. His cardio
tells him he can never be too thin. I'm at my wits ends. Any advice out
there? It's wreaking havoc on our relationship.

If ya have diabetes you can never be too thin . his cardiologist is right. 
thin= low LDL's, low triglycerides and low cholesterols. High HDL's Your 
husband probably never was compulsive about his control before, I wasn't 
Then I had a heart attack and a stroke spent weeks in the hospital on a 
baloon pump and respirator. It sucked. the pump is great but hypoglycemia 
isn't good either. it wrecks your brain. How is his energy level. You both 
might benefit from psychotherapy. reach out to someone you have a good 
relationship with and see someone. I's hard on everyone but he will live 
better, longer. Spot.
A Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted
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