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Re: [IP] Help! Broken Pump

> I am writing this message for my sister - her MiniMed 507 went completely out 
> today and she won't receive her new one until Wed.
> For those of you who have had to go back to shots for a while, did you use 
> Regular (that's what she uses in the pump) for all your shots or did you use 
> NPH overnight?  I was worried that if she uses NPH it will throw her amounts 
> of Regular insulin off since it stays in the system so long.  Also, how often 
> did you give injections and what type of formula did you use (ex: shots every 
> 4 hrs. 4 X usual basal rate?)

Lily shot regular into her infusion set for 3 days once. worked fine 
until her new pump arrived . She bolused that way as well. NO nph at all. 
Just remember to wake up halfway through the sleep period to put in some 
R to cover basals.

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