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Re: [IP] Re: Medic Alert

>>SNIP<< Wearing a medic alert necklace - which is usually tucked inside a
woman's top,
is not subject to be found. In an emergency situtation, the EMTs are not
concerned with feeling inside one's blouse. It's the situation at hand (no
intended) they are dealing with. >>SNIP<<

This brought to mind (in retrospect) a funny situation I encountered several
years ago while working through school as a skate guard at a local roller
rink. It was a Sunday evening and one of our regular customers (a middle-aged
woman in extremely good shape) dropped unconscious while skating. I quickly
came to the scene to attempt to assist, and had a pretty good idea that she
might be diabetic. I noticed a chain around her neck and, hoping it was indeed
a medic-alert necklace, reached discreetly into her shirt to retrieve the
necklace. Sure enough, she was diabetic. Only bad thing was, she woke up just
as I was retrieving her medic-alert. We laughed about it afterward, but
looking back I feel fortunate that she didn't have a very good left hook!!

Todd Merkle
email @ redacted
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