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[IP] re: DKA

>snip<I remember my months prior to diag. at age 9.  No
coma, but all the rest.  To this day I'm still paranoid about being denied
access to a washroom.<snip>

The weekend before Lauren was dx'd (at her sixth birthday) I had gone away
to my annual golf outing with friends. My husband called to tell me about
Lauren's misbehavior. he told me they'd gone to the mall about 1/2 hour away
and she INSISTED on stopping at each exit to Pee! So he FINALLY put his foot
down and said NO, to which she promptly peed all over the inside of the
car!!! LOL. We felt guilty for a while, but what are you gonna do? We had no
idea. It's kinda funny now, we joke about how she could do an "off ramp
restroom rating book" Like Zagat or something

Mom of Lauren the soon to be pumper (1-22-2001 start)
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