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Re: [IP] Dogs in DKA

My 14 year old cat developed DM almost 3 years ago...and is doing
wonderfully!  He lets me or my mother give him his injections of ultralente
and humalog twice a day without any problem.  He know that he gets canned
food, so he has no problem...if he doesn't want the injection, he doesn't get
his food.

He was down to 8.3# when diagnosed, from 16# and amazingly never got to
ketoacidosis...we checked his urine...nothing.

When I asked the vet what is done for diabetic pets, his reply was 'most
people put them down.'  I immediately responded that I had had this disease
for longer than I had my cat and that my mother chose not to put me down...

I went in the next day with a bottle of ultralente and syringes and learned
to give him his shots.  I added the unit of humalog a month later and then
his sugars returned to normal.

Who better to care for a diabetic pet than a person that is not only
completely devoted to that animal, but also a diabetic themselves!

Roxanne Villanueva RD, LD
Cleveland, Ohio

In a message dated 01/01/2001 08:38:30 PM Eastern Standard Time,
email @ redacted writes:

<< A friend of mine has a can that has been on 2 shots a day of NPH for a
 and a half now and is doing wonderful. The cat lets him, his wife or his son
 give it the shots with out any problem but, when I have done it (when they
 are away) the cat gives me one hell of a hard time. I try and explain that I
 understand fully how he feels and that I did the same for many years but he
 does not care. Maybe he's upset that they don't make pumps for cats!

 Peter >>
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