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[IP] I'm baaack

I hope this comes through okay because I am using Internet Explorer to check 
my work email. The screen looks very strange. Not at all what I am used to.
Anyway, I'm back after my two week silence. 
The good news is that the bleeding problem I was having seems to have 
corrected itself in the last week or so.  Not a spot in sight!  And I hit my 
19 week mark today. Mostly I'm just trying to think positive thoughts. I go 
back to the doctor Friday for another ultrasound, but I feel pretty certain 
that things are okay. For you Moms out there--should I be feeling any movement 
yet?  The thing is, I'm not exactly sure what the baby is supposed to feel 
like. Sometimes I think maybe I felt something, but then I think it was just 
indigestion.  Maybe little Sean is just not much of a kicker.  
I got some clothes for Christmas, which is good, because I am expanding 
rapidly.  I've gained about ten pounds so far, and I am trying to not eat 
fattening foods.  I don't want to get much bigger if I can help it. I already 
feel like it's hard to get up when I sit down. haha
Also, anyone have any stretch mark advice? I'm using a little cocoa butter 
moisturizer, but I don't see that it's helping.  With my pale skin, I look 
like a walking road map already. I hate to think of the damage by the time 
this is over with. 
Also, does there come a time when your stomach gets too tight to use sets 
there?  I haven't tried any other locations than my tummy a few inches above 
the navel, and I don't really want to. 
Well, I am full of questions as usual!  
But I'm back at work after the holiday break, and checking my email now, so 
bring it on!!

Sherry C
>From the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
Wishing her abdomen wasn't a road map
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