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Re: [IP] Dex and LO

Hi Lori,

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who has panic reations (that's when you 
are so freaked out by being low you eat everything in sight) I have a Dex too 
and sometimes it reads LO or HI.  Which is very frustrating and if you're in 
that bg state you're in no mood for a finicky meter !  If I test again 
immediately for some reason I get a number which helps.  Why I don't get one 
the first time I don't know.  It usually happens when it's been several hours 
or overnight since I've used the meter.  Hope this helps !  Keep trying till 
you get a number :-)

Cheryl Keenan
pumping since 9/95

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<< Subj:     [IP] Dex and LO
 Date:  1/1/01 5:07:14 AM Pacific Standard Time
 From:  email @ redacted (Lori A. Willey)
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 For those of you using a DEX, how low is a LO reading on it?  I know its
 less than 19, because I checked again after it said LO and it read 19.  Yuk,
 not fun because in that frame of mind, I ate the whole thing!  (fridge
 contents ) then went higher later.
 Thanks for info.
 Lori A. Willey
 First Express Inc.
 email @ redacted
 ----------------------------- >>
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