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Re: [IP] Re: Testing restaurant pop

> > There are several different ways to check for sugar in pop.  The one
> > we use to to dip a Clinistix in it.  I always keep a tube of them in
> > my purse.  If it changes color it's not diet or it contains juice. -
> Every time I read the above, it's a major turn off to me - dipping a
> urine-testing stick into pop. I somehow think the chemical portion of the
> stick may leach into the drink. Wouldn't it be safer to hold a finger on the
> end of a dipped straw and let some drop onto the stick? Make sure it's pure
> pop and not diluted near the icy portion. YMMV (~_^)

Oh Jan!! Just put a drop from the and of your straw on the strip. One 
touch strips work good to, save a couple of old ones and put the drop on 
the back. It turns purple if there is sugar present.
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