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[IP] Micturation urgency

I have never ever in my 12 years with DM........NOT had glucose in my urine.
Ever single test I have ever done has almost always been at the maximum
level of glucose no matter what my blood sugar is at. I have mentioned this
to my Dr. many times, nobody really seems interested. I usually get a
"Hmm!". Well now my last 24 hr urine came back with microalbumin elevated.
It makes me wonder if somebody cared about all the glucose that I was
spilling back then until present maybe I/we could have done something
preventative. To make matters worse I only have one kidney. I am going to a
urologist in a few weeks, we will see what he has to say.
Whatever ever my threshold is, it must verrrry low. Has anyone else
experienced this? spot says:The longer you have diabeasties the lower your 
threshold gets If you have high blood pressure you are a setup for kidney 
- ----------------------------------------------------------
Not me fer sure. I always spill at about 165. your threshold must be real 
high or your kidneys don't do their job. I always got to pee too, a sure 
sign I'm high, and I get real thirsty too. When I gotta go I gotta go. no 
jiggling or waiting to find a clean rest room. Good idea to get your 
kidney's checked. Dialysis is reallly unpleasant but what about diabetes 
is? Most of us I feel safe to say we do not do urine sugar tests, what is 
the  point? they rarely tell us anything worth looking at
A Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted
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